Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 1

Its now the end of day 1 Juice feasting and I feel better than I expected. I can't believe I'm actually doing this finally. I have a surprisingly steady motivation cause I really want to change my life.

  • Weight 136.8kg (300.96 pounds) BMI 59
  • Waist 132cm
  • Hips 151cm
  • Bust 136cm
  • Right thigh 89cm
  • Left thigh 88cm
  • Right knee 60cm
  • Left knee 63cm
  • Right ankle 31cm
  • Left ankle 31cm
  • Right arm 46cm
  • Left arm 46cm
  • Neck 42.5cm

    Today i had
    6.30am 2 cups water with lemon and 1/2 Tablespoon MSM
    7.30 am 3 cups Pau D'arco tea
    9.30am 1Litre celery, wheatgrass, lettuce, ginger and apple juice
    12.30pm 1Litre Watermelon Juice
    4pm 2 cups of water with lemon and 1/2 Tablespoon MSM and 1Tablespoon Beepollen
    6pm 1Litre carrot, celery and lettuce juice

    Total 3 Litres juice. 1Litre short of my target 4L but i found it quite difficult to drink so much. I hope over the next couple of days to work up to the full 4Litres

    I also took 12 x spiralina
    1 Magnesium
    1 Niacin
    1 co q10

    Wee wee all the way home.....oh my goodness I have spent half the day on the toilet. I'm kind of glad i didn't drink the rest of the juice. I wonder how long it takes to get used to to the huge quantity of fluids?
    I've also had diarreah since lunchtime...from reading the literature this is entirely normal.

    Detox symptoms
    Very mild headache this afternoon. Some tiredness and mild nausea and stomach pain.

    Less swelling in my feet this afternoon
    only 1-2 minutes of heart palpitations when I had an afternoon nap

    The green juices will take a bit of getting used to
    Running to the toilet every 1/2 hour

    I experienced no real hunger today, infact i felt bloated for most of the day and extremely full.
    At around lunch time i started to think about chocolate, chips....all my binge foods but it only lasted a few minutes and i felt no real temptation.
    When I came home from work the kids were making omlette for dinner and it smelt good so I went out on the verandah to drink my juice.

    Mild acid reflux symptoms tonight probably because i layed down straight after drinking my last juice.

    How do I feel....very excited and happy to be doing this.

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